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Hi, there!  My name is Jolyn and 31AT31 is my bloggy-baby.  Seriously, I love this blog like its one of my own.  Besides being a mother to a blog, I am an artist and a lawyer.  I know, weird combo but I make it work.    

It seems totally appropriate to insert here what the key to "making it work" is, like balance or something.  The truth is, it really has nothing to do with balance but more so with The Art of Permission.  

I am just both at the same time even when it appears that I am one or the other.  My legal background influences my art and my art background influences how I visualize a concept of justice and what is fair.  Call it legally creative!   

It's one thing to walk around introducing myself as such but it is quite another to actually live as an artist-attorney or attorney-artist.  The Art of Alignment: matching up my words with my actions made this transition almost effortless.  

All of a sudden, new opportunities appeared like being a presenter at a regional arts conference, developing a social justice art program for teens and being recently appointed by the Governor to serve as an Arts Commissioner for Washington State specifically for my creative and legal brain.  
Those are just a few examples of what art has done for me.  I truly believe seeing the art in everything, everywhere and in everyone is what has led me to a place of joy, love and total self acceptance.   

Blogging helped me appreciate all of my quirks and helped me realize the splendor of presenting my fullest self.

The Blog

31at31, started back in 2012, with a self-imposed 31 days of art challenge.  I was reconstructing myself through art on a daily basis and recording such shenanigans in a series of blog posts

All of a sudden, art had overtaken my life to the point where everyday was filled with creative endeavors fueled by my own creative juices like art tours, pop-up art galleries, an international art trip, other arts focused events, and eventually the selling of my own art.  

By the end of the 31 days, not only could I readily see the art in everything, everywhere and in everyone, I realized I created a masterpiece life.

Now, I blog about how I connect the art in my life for fresh new insights.  My daily practice of writing 1,000+ words a day do not always get published but sometimes there is a gem or two that I feel is worthy to share.  

I try hard to be consistent by blogging at least once a week.  The ultimate goal is to have a dedicated posting day and time but I am not there yet.  There are times when I blog for 30 to 31 days straight on a central theme.  

The self-construction process is still underway and I am thankful for what has emerged thus far.  

I hope my posts will lead you to a place you want to go too in your own self journey.  

The journey is much more fun with friends.  I love hearing about the art people find in their day.  Be sure to subscribe by clicking the button below.

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