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Thursday, January 7, 2016


Happy New Year!  Did you miss me?!  I missed you.  I travelled, attended a few art shows and wrote in my journal about the craziness in the world.  

Wasn't 2015 a beast?!  I was so raw from the latter half of 2015, that posting about it felt like an exercise in burdening others.  Sigh.  But you know your girl couldn't stay "stingy" for too long.  

I hope you've shaken the dust off from last year and you're ready to come along on this artsy adventure with me again.  I saved you a seat and everything.  Get ready to see new projects unfold.  Hear about my latest collaborations.  Watch me experiment with different art forms.  Come along with me to fabulous art outings, events, and a few surprises along the way.

Why you need to know 

The jury is out on whether you should share your goals or just move in silence until they've manifested.  I am definitely sitting at the sharing table for 2016.  I choose to tell you my creative intentions for two reasons.

First, what I have in mind for 2016 makes my heart sing!  How can I keep these artsy songs to myself?!  I cannot.  I've given so much thought time and planning effort to three main goals.  I will burst wide open if I don't share them with you.  

Second, I can only imagine the amount of exhaustion my creative spirit will endure.  Your encouragement and support along the way will keep me going.  I already know there will be plenty of days and nights requiring TLC.  Please have your comments, questions, hugs, and high fives at the ready.  You might receive a tap on the shoulder, a call, text, or letter in the mail marked urgent.  An expression of surprise is not an option.    

Write a book

Now for the exciting news!  I wrestled around with the concept and idea for a couple of years...drumroll please... 

I have finally committed to publishing my first ever art book.  Yay!  Break out the confetti!  I am on a rigorous writing schedule and intend to publish my book before 2016, turns into 2017.     

Plan a trip to Ghana

Remember when I took that amazing trip to Ghana in 2013?  I made countless promises to return.  The next time will be with a group of artists to experience the same life-changing magic.  Fast forward to three years later...  

In December, myself plus a small group of artists of African descent will make our voyage to Ghana.  Only a few details remain before I extend the official invitation.  It will be quite the experience.  Let me know if you would like to come!  

Keep a secret

This project is so good that I can’t even share it yet.  It is super top secret.  Every time I think about it, work on it, narrow down supplies for it, my heart sings in extra high notes.  Don’t worry.  You will be the first to know when it launches.  It’s a dream that has been brewing on my vision board since 2011.  I didn’t even realize it at the time but now it is crystal clear.  I've declared 2016, to be the best year yet.

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There you have it!  I'm writing an art book, taking a group of artists back to West Africa and keeping a secret until launch day.  What do you think?  What are you working on for the new year?  Any creative projects?  Who else is writing a book or two?  Tell me all about it in the comments.  Be sure to follow me on Instagram @jolyngc for more art, vegan grub and selfies of course!

I will be using the Productivity Planner to help me reach these goals!



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