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Monday, March 23, 2015


A party for my blog?!  Yes, of course!  How else do you expect me to kick off the 2015, A to Z Blog Challenge next month?! 

Cupcakes on a party table

If you knew how long I was struggling to find a relevant and worthy theme, you'd throw a theme reveal party too!

There aren't balloons or anything but there is just as much excitement for the A to Z Blog Challenge.  Almost a thousand bloggers (last I checked) vowed to blog alphabetically for the month of April.  

April 1st is the letter A, the next day is B, and the day after is get the picture.  It can be hard enough just coming up with something to blog about for the corresponding letter without the additional layer of a theme.  However, I do some of my best blogging with a theme to focus on and stick to. 

31AT31, started out as a theme centered around finding the art in my daily life for 31-derful days straight.  Anything seems possible if taken 31 days at a time, right?  That can-do attitude lead to, the next theme, The Art of the Launch, followed by The Art of My Soul, and last year I participated in National Blog Posting Month with my own theme called "No Basic November."  31-day themes abound here at 31AT31.

Naturally, it makes sense to have another theme under which to type furiously for yet another 31-day cycle of blogging bliss.  Without further ado, and with much excitement, I bring you the 2015, A to Z Challenge theme: Afro Jazz from A to Z!

Brick wall covered in Afro Jazz Graffiti text
Afro JazZ from A to Z...see what I did there?

When the idea came, I almost fell out of my chair because it couldn't have been more perfect and "on brand."  I mean, what are the chances that my art series starts with the letter "A" and ends with the letter "Z" and that I found the A to Z Challenge to begin with in the first place?  Talk about alignment!  If that is not the biggest green light from my cousin, the Universe then I don't know what is. 
April will be all about going deeper into my Afro Jazz Art series including a behind the scenes look at the process, technique, inspiration, daily new pieces, and possibly an interview of my living, breathing Afro Jazz muse--she is awesome!  

Additionally, a lucky 31AT31, subscriber (or two) will have the opportunity to have their portrait Afro Jazzed!  A possible giveaway is in the works too, just as soon as I review the law on sweepstakes.  I refuse to get caught up in some legal mess for trying to be generous, okay?!

If you have any ideas or requests for topics on certain letters please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments.  In the meantime, I will be gathering up my Afro Jazz art supplies.    




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