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Friday, February 20, 2015


As soon as the plane starts to taxi and the seatbelt light makes that familiar ding sound, the foggy haze that seems to be in slow motion begins.  You know that feeling, right?  It is your basic case of jet lag and it absolutely sucks.  But I assure you, tropical jet lag is much worse.  I have been suffering from a horrible case of TROPICAL JET LAG.

What is tropical jet lag?

Tropical jet lag is a combination of traditional jet lag but with a strong desire to sip piƱa coladas on a black or white sand beach while gentle waves kiss your perfectly manicured toes or put more simply, a desire to return to paradise 

What causes tropical jet lag? 

The primary cause of tropical jet lag is the abrupt departure from paradise.  Unfortunately, there are not that many documented cases.  The most famous case would be that of Adam and Eve's banishment from the Garden of Eden.  They were NOT happy to leave, okay?!

Their symptoms were extreme.  Adam had perpetual sweating of the brow, while Eve suffered severe cramping and pain associated with birth.  

Nowadays, a milder strand of tropical jet lag is experienced compared to some of the earlier reported cases.  

What are the signs and symptoms of tropical jet lag?


Sleeping for 2 days straight is not uncommon.  There have also been reported cases of waking up in the middle of the night to cook an entire island inspired meal while singing something about a lime and a coconut just because.  Seriously though, what does one have to do to get some decent plantains in Seattle??


You are just left with so many questions.  Questions like the following:

Why don't all drinks come with umbrellas?

Why did I board that plane, again?

Why does half the country look like The Chronicles of Narnia?  

Storytelling on Repeat

I absolutely love it when someone asks me about my trip.  There are so many stories to share but for some reason I have developed a tendency to repeat a select few.  Experts suggest that this phenomenon is caused by vitamin D deficiencies.    

There are no variations in tone, no remixes just the same stories over and over to different people.  It becomes a rehearsed show but you don’t care because you know the way you tell the story about drinking real coconut water straight from the coconut, is always a crowd pleaser.  Matter of fact, if you have stories mentally filed away as "crowd pleasers," this is definitely a sign of tropical jet lag.   

Remedy for tropical jet lag

Due to the longterm effects of tropical jet lag, the only known cure is simply to relocate.  Forever.  Permanently.  Never.  Look.  Back.  

Your joy may depend on it!



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