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Wednesday, January 7, 2015


s soon as midnight hit, immediately after the countdown, I still hadn't narrowed down my list of accomplishments I wanted to cross off my list for 2015.  Earlier, I came across a list of some of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions people like to make.  I thought it would be fun and a great way to get motivated to dominate 2015, if I did as many of the goals on the list in a short period of time.

Most of the popular goals have a theme of “more.”  People pledge to spend more time with family, find ways to be more organized, eat more healthy foods, serve more volunteer hours, save more money, and enjoy life more.

I took all on all of these goals and conquered them within the first 24 hours of 2015.  I laughed to myself because at the conclusion of January 1st, within 24 hours of the ball dropping, announcing 2015 was here, I had already crossed off several of the goals on the list.  Read on and see if any of these goals made it onto your list.

Volunteer More

You see, it all started when I was asked to volunteer for the New Year’s Eve Bash Presented by the Seattle People of Color Salon (SPoCS).  I enjoy volunteering for art related events and this event was filled with artists of all walks of life.  It was totally my scene and really fun!

Exercise More

The party was at the Washington Hall Building in the Central District of Seattle.  It is a nice brick building with several levels.  It may even be a historical site.  I am sure there was an ADA compliant elevator but I did not see it.  I took the stairs several times as I was checking in with various teams of people to see if they needed anything.  I really got in my beginning of the year exercise.  

Save Money

Most events for New Year’s can cost a few limbs.  The SPoCS event was free to attend.  Right off the bat, I was saving money even if I was not a volunteer.  Once you were in, all you had to pay for (if you chose to pay) was a very reasonable cost for a plate of food and/or drinks.

Eat Healthy  

What I thought was really sweet was the vegan friendly Chinese food the coordinators provided for the volunteers.  With all of the veggies it definitely allowed me to start my 2015, with healthy eating.

Drink Less Alcohol

I was lucky enough to work the super fun and interactive cashier counter for the pre-purchase of drinks and food.  Even though volunteers were gifted with a drink ticket, I chose to only sip some celebratory champagne immediately following the countdown.  Boom!  I intentionally decided to drink less alcohol. 

Enjoy Life More Fully

The best part of the evening that totally took me by surprise was the first song I heard the DJ play immediately after the countdown.  I belted out, the National Black Anthem, Lift Every Voice with my fellow volunteers.  Singing at the top of my lungs in such a carefree manner filled me with a feeling of aliveness.  In that moment I thoroughly enjoyed my life to the fullest. 

Spend More Time with Friends/Family 

The next day, January 1st, was the 7th Annual Women’s Day.  It is a chance for me to spend quality time with my closest friends.  We collectively reflect on the previous year, make vision boards, write letters one year into the future to ourselves, eat, fellowship, and have great conversation about themes for the New Year.

Manage Debt

Several of my good-with-money-friends offered tips for managing debt in 2015.  You know, I needed to hear that with Sallie Mae’s a$$ all over me, y’all!  All student loans should just be forgiven.  That’s another blog post though.  

Get Organized

I usually take a substantial amount of time prior to the New Year, organizing my thoughts, goals, and themes.  However, thanks to the Washington State Bar Association, I had about 28 Continuing Legal Education credits that I needed to obtain by December 31st.  Naturally, I was tied up in classes, webcasts and seminars.  Much of my New Year’s Day was spent organizing my life so that I could make my vision board.


By the second day of 2015, I jokingly updated my Facebook status with a question asking: How many people already missed the mark for their goals?  I was only half way joking.  Every year 80 jillion people fall off the various wagons they declare to ride throughout the New Year.

There are multiple reasons for this like setting unrealistic, vague, immeasurable goals that are doomed to fail from jump.  Sometimes the memory of failure can be enough to stop a person from even setting goals.  If you find yourself lacking the energy to be bothered with goal setting this year, just do what I did.  Tackle goals early, condense all goals into a manageable time frame, and adopt the most popular New Year's Resolutions to get yourself pumped for your other goals.   



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