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Wednesday, December 31, 2014


reaking away with "tradition" was harder than I thought.  I still managed though.  I was totally freaked out after watching a documentary on the origins of Christmas.  What I saw can never be unseen.  You will have to do your own research and come up with your own conclusions.  All I can is, it is NOT for me.  I just can't.  Jolyn Jr., will be pissed but oh well! She will know the truth and that in itself is a rare gift in this world.

Holiday blogging excuses

What I am realizing, is that, this time of year is definitely what you make of it.  This year, I didn't make a big deal of it.  Needless to say, my holiday was pretty chill and uneventful.  In other words, it was peaceful.  So peaceful, there really wasn't much to blog about.  That, plus I was just being "blazy." 
blazy: when one is lazy about about blogging
During the holidaze, my blogging usually falls off the writing wagon due to the blazy syndrome.  Honestly, it just gets too cold to function and the only thing on my mind is soup and blankets.  

Pho the holidays

I pho'd the holidays.  On December 25th, all I could think about was the food I didn't feel like going to the grocery store to purchase.  A craving for pho quickly set in, as I was feeling a bit congested.  Most pho places were open but only a few had vegetable broth for the noodle base.  After making about 15 calls, I finally found a place that was open and had vegan pho.  That was really the best gift of all! 

Whilst eating my pho, I surfed the web looking at all of the great airfare deals.  I always go to to see a general airfare forecast.  Tickets out of Seattle (to the places I like to travel) are usually pretty expensive but a deal can be had if one is diligent.  If you call slurping pho in your pajamas, diligent, I was diligent as hell and even found a few deals.  I will soon be greeted by bae, white sand beaches and tropical drinks.  You just gotta love a deal.  

Procrastination perks    

You've heard that phrase: a day late and a dollar short, right?  Well, it makes perfect sense during my not-so-holiday with a slight modification.  

If you are a dollar short, show up a day late.
I purchased late (but on time, as in my time) gifts.  The sales on December 26th and up until the new year are ridiculous.  If you can wait, the savings are worth it.  Everything was pretty much 75% off already marked down items.  I went crazy at the mall in places like Teavana.  I drank up all of the sample teas, asked the associates 80 jillion random questions about tea, and ended leaving with my beloved gold loose tea holder in the shape of a French Macaron.  I cannot wait to ask the flight attendant for a cup of hot water and break out my sexy ass tea container for a fresh cuppa oolong.  Yes, I will be stuntin' in the friendly skies. 

I bought my sister a new duvet set for her bed and you would have thought I gave her a million dollars.  That's how much she liked it.  It wasn't wrapped.  She was actually standing right there with me when I placed it in the basket and told her it was for her.  She concluded that I wasn't going to get her anything since Christmas passed and there was no gift from me.  If y'all would have saw her face...!  She was just so happy.  See, procrastination has its perks. 

How did you holiday?  Did you start any new traditions?  Receive any special gifts?  Give any special gifts?  Tell me how you holiday in the comments.  



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