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Wednesday, December 31, 2014


nother year bites the dust!  Didn't 2014, just fly by y'all?!  I still think 2013, flew by even faster.  I can recall pockets of time this year, that flowed in slow motion and seemed never ending.  

They say how you end your year is how you'll start your year.  I put in several hours of service for 2014.  This last day will be no different as I volunteer for the Seattle People of Color Salon New Year's Eve Bash.  It should be loads of fun.  

On New Year's Day, I will sleep in and go to my friend's house to eat, bond and make vision boards with my crew.  Planning and dreaming is the best part of starting something new!  What does 2015 hold???  I guess we shall see...but first, I better reflect on the lessons learned in 2014...

  1. Traveling to Paris, France with my mama and sister was definitely a highlight.  I cannot even begin to blog about all the fun that was had there.  I hope to travel with them again in 2015.  It was actually the first time I ever flew somewhere with my mama or my sister.  I usually travel alone.  That was special.
  2. Revamped my teen empowered program called TEENERGY, into a social justice and art program.  This was the moment I pretty much just floated.  Every day working with the teens felt like something far removed from work.  I was even able to employ other artists.  
  3. Made a plan of attack to get my CLE (continuing legal education) credits done in time.  It really felt like a huge mountain of to do but it got done.  It is really a small thing but I feel really triumphant.
  4. Joined the National Blog Post Month 30 day challenge and stuck with it.  I am looking forward to adding some consistency in my blogging.  I really do get joy from it.  
  5. Appointed as a Washington State Arts Commissioner by our Governor.  I really do hope to engage more artist of color at the state level.
  6. Launched my virtual art gallery.  Now that the pilot run was a success, I plan to do even more with it next year.  
  7. Voted as an Officer for the African American Leadership Forum.  There is much work to be done and I feel honored to be a part of it.
  8. Continued coaching high school mock trial.  Our team is growing.
  9. Volunteered a lot!  I can't even count up all of my hours.  I swear it is like a made more time in the day or something.

These are just some of the highlights of 2014.  I am still working on my first 90 days plan for 2015.  What are some things you are planning?  I would really like to create more opportunities for other artists.  Traveling to Costa Rica would make me happy too.  

Cheers to 2015!       



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