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Friday, November 14, 2014


ublic Service Announcement: choose beautiful words to describe even the most ordinary of situations.  By doing so, you will inject your surroundings with pangs of excitement and escape what I am calling the "seasonal basics."  

Words With Friends

If you have been following along with my No Basic November theme for NaBloPoMo, then the following post will come as no surprise.  

Using words to paint things in the best possible light while maintaining the fullest levels of integrity is an art form and completely under utilized with the onslaught of emojis and abbreviated internet slang.  It is also one of the ways I avoid "bouts of basic" creeping into my space.  I try to practice this method of painting a word picture in casual conversation with friends usually over a cuppa tea.  

A friend asked me what I ended up doing the other day when our schedules were unable to mesh appropriately.  I described in full detail the aromatherapy and hydrotherapy treatment I indulged in right before enjoying an antioxidant rich salad.  Oh, and there was an unexpected audible moan of delight she released when I shared about the Tibetan Song Bowl that was used to re-balance my chakras.  

She wanted to know what spa I had just come from so she could make an appointment immediately.  The words I used painted a picture of luxuriating in a pristine white terry cloth robe somewhere in a mountain oasis.  It sure did feel like I had spent some time at a five star spa.  

No Basic Baths Just Hydrotherapy

In actuality, a friend invited me over to her private spa inspired home and I had the ultimate sacred soak with herbs and salts followed by some aromatic oils.  The Tibetan Song Bowl was an added touch I found on display in one of her sitting rooms.  I asked about it and she demonstrated how it worked.  I remember feeling an immediate sense of peace and calm as the bowl was lightly struck with the gong like stick over my solar plexus.  

My experience felt like therapy because I had just come off a particularly intense creative session and sought refuge in my friend's inviting mini resort.  The salad was perfection on a plate with all of the edible splashes of color and nutrient packed goodness.  It was the kind of salad one would expect at a spa retreat.  I used words that conveyed how I felt about the experience and transported my friend to a memory of spiritual grounds in Sedona, Arizona. 

One need not travel some place far for the benefits of a hydrotherapy session.  In my world hydrotherapy, hot ass eucalyptus shower, and sacred soak of epsom salt with lavendar essential oil are synonymous.  Hydrotherapy sounds better and more accurately describes what I experience while bathing which is definitely not just a basic bath.

Sunday evening I have plans to catch up with my mentor.  No doubt, I will be ready when she asks, "So, what's new?  What did I miss?  How have you been?  What have you been up to?" 

I am still working on a super poetic way of describing my glamorous daily blogging escapades...feel free to practice your word skills in the comments.  Help a sista out, yo!



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