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Sunday, November 2, 2014


egardless of your religious persuasion, we all know the importance of resting after heavy bouts of creative output. Open up any Holy Bible and you will find that a whole 24 hours of rest was required, sanctified and made holy after creating the entire universe and here am I talking about taking a day off after completing a few projects at most!  Nonetheless, this period of rest can be the buffer that prevents a career crash and burn, inspires boundless creativity and forces one to be a straight hustler in this art life. Read on to see How Keeping a Personal Sabbath Can Be Your Secret Weapon as an Artist.

Artist Superhero with an Afro Saves the Art World

Designating a whole 24 hours to just rest and opt out of art fairs, exhibitions, art walks, artist talks etc., can leave you feeling out of the art loop. I assure you, taking such a bold stand for personal peace yields some serious creative benefits.

1. You will emerge with a fully recharged creative battery that will allow for even more efficient creative output. Your creative juices will have time to replenish and may be even juicier than you remember from week to week as you take a much deserved break.

2. Use this time to gain some clarity. If you are constantly going, running from art event to art event, gallery showing to gallery showing and exhibition to exhibition…where is the time to breathe and figure out your next moves with no pressure?

3. With a fully charged creative battery and laser sharp clarity you are prepared to stage the ultimate 6-day hustle plan. Don’t fall for the myth of the “weekend,” at least not right now. Weekends are for retirement. What “goal digger” do you know that mentally justifies a 2-day weekly break?! None, right? It might even sound crazy to go 6 days straight but the full day of rest is more than enough to sustain you energetically speaking. If your goals involve making money from your art then the 6-day hustle is pretty much the way to "cha-ching."  In a later post, I will map out what a 6-day hustle plan looks like.

4. Many art career advancing events take place on Saturdays. You can still participate. You just get to become really good at advance planning and coordination. For all of the art related events you would like to participate in that fall on your Sabbath arrange to have your art delivered earlier for installation and de-installation. Talk with the gallery or event producer about a day that will work with your schedule for an artist talk for example. Invite your entire mailing list to join you on the day you know you can be present for the big event. If you partner early on with galleries and exhibition producers in marketing and promotion your requests for opening nights may be honored more frequently.

5. One does not get to enjoy the fruits of a Personal Sabbath without having a healthy team of art aces to support you. I am lucky to have a few fellow artists who don’t mind selling my art for me at art events that fall on a Saturday. We agree on a commission ahead of time for acting as my art agent. This frees me up to stick to my day of rest.

6. Perhaps, one of the biggest benefits that come from setting aside some time for oneself is discipline. The will to create, live an art-filled life, and sustain oneself from your creative gifts and talents takes discipline. This kind of discipline is developed when you stand for something that truly benefits your well being despite the myth of the “weekend,” and the pressure to conform. Never underestimate the power of your own focused hard work, consistency, clarity, and a fully charged creative battery. It is a secret weapon most will not take the time out to discover.

Do you take a Personal Sabbath on a regular basis? What have you noticed after coming out of a creative break? Is anything missing on this list? Tell me in the comments. If you enjoyed this post please share with a friend or five :) 



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