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Saturday, October 4, 2014


You'd be amazed at what you can learn from an internet cat lady.  While the traditional "cat lady" conjures up an image of a little old lady with frizzy hair, lovingly pouring milk into porcelain bowls, dressed in a floral moo-moo, and surrounded by 50 cats climbing all over the kitchen counters with their pissy-paws...the internet cat lady loves cats just as much minus the ever so hard to remove feline fragrance that's more like a stench that slaps you in the face from a block away.  

Far, far, far away from that stigma, the internet cat lady just happens to passionately post cat videos and cat pictures all over social media 24/7.  

I don't hate all blacks cats...I have one black internet cat lady friend.  (Sorry!  I couldn't resist.)  Seriously, my friend posts cat videos and pictures every other post it seems.  

I hadn't noticed that was a problem until another friend hosted a GNI (Girls' Night In).  A little aside: GNIs are what the grown and sexy do that prefer to ditch the heels for a not so quiet evening of dinner, drinks and laughter at home.  No cover. No last call.  No drama.

The only thing remotely close to drama if one can even call it that was the surprise intervention that even I wasn't in on.  To this day I am thankful I skipped the red wine and opted for that can of Sprite.  Otherwise, there would have been a permanent Merlot reminder of what took place that night...

[Enter the Interventionists stage left.  ABC's Shark Tank is softly playing in the background.  Cat Lady is minding her own business when the Interventionists make an announcement.]

INTERVENTIONISTS: (In an ominous tone) There's a reason why we've called you all here tonight.  (Laser sharp focus on the Cat Lady) This is your intervention.

[Complete silence covers the room except for the immediate outbursts of Cat Lady]

CAT LADY: What?  Me?  What did I do?  IS THIS ABOUT MY CAT VIDEOS?!

[All erupt into laughter including the trying-hard-to-keep-a-straight-face Interventionists.]


When I say I could not stop laughing -- I am telling the truth -- TEARS!  I did however learn 3 surprising lessons about passion that can be applied to our dreams, goals and even blogging ventures.

  • COMMIT TO DO THE RESEARCH ON YOUR TOPIC.  Cat Lady is always in the know about the latest internet fur ball to hit the scene.  I am not sure if there is some sort of list-serv but home girl is ON IT.  When you really care about something you can't get enough of it.
  • POST WITH NO F**** GIVEN.  You think Cat Lady cares if someone stumbles across her post or is tired of seeing felines blowing up their newsfeed?!  No.  She posts what brings her joy, makes her laugh and makes her say "Dawwww wook at the widdle kitty."  Of course you want someone to "buy what you're selling" but for every one person who doesn't "get you" there is someone else who will.  If you don't post, show up, and/or share your gifts and talents with the world they will never find you.  Cat Lady is essentially saying, "I think this cat playing with string will make you feel the same way I did."
  • POST CONSISTENTLY AND YOU WILL BE BRANDED AS THE EXPERT.  If I ever want to know or need to know what is going on with Grumpy Cat, who do you think I am going to?  Right.  Whatever consistent internet offers we bestow via updates, pictures, videos etc., if there is a readily ascertainable theme, we become associated with that particular topic.  This can be both a good and a bad thing.  I have a Facebook friend who seems to always be looking for sympathy with her constant woe is me posts.  If I ever need to feel better about my situation, I just troll her page and instantly feel better.  Why not be associated or branded with something you are truly passionate about?  Who knows you just might become recognized as the next cat lady expert, in your field. 

Did you enjoy this true story with a message?  Share it with your cat lady friend!  Be sure to tell me in the comments any surprising lessons you've learned recently too.



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