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Thursday, September 11, 2014


hat is Afro Jazz?! So glad you asked.  As an artist-attorney I would like to paint a picture of the facts, if you will.  Here are 31 AMAZING FACTS ALL ABOUT AFRO JAZZ just for you. It's in a completely random order (sorta) to spice things up and keep you on your toes.  
Black man with a beard afro jazz style with Lenox Lounge from the Harlem Renaissance across the eyes
Introducing the first ever AFRO JAZZ beard!  Afro Jazz Lenox Lounge, by Jolyn Gardner Campbell, Copyright2014


  1. AFRO JAZZ is a mixed media collage style created by Jolyn Gardner Campbell.
  2. AFRO JAZZ uses African textiles, paint, ink, paper, and photography.
  3. The first step in AFRO JAZZ is to take a side profile "selfie" of the subject using a high quality digital camera.
  4. AFRO JAZZ lends itself perfectly to urban contemporary portraits.  Let me Afro Jazz your face.
  5. The African textiles currently used are from Nigeria in West Africa.
  6. One of my favorite patterns is what the wedding party wore in our wedding.
    Montego Bay, Jamaica
  7. Most of the African textiles from Nigeria were gifts from friends. 
  8. African Textiles are my kryptonite and bring me oodles of joy when incorporating them into my AFRO JAZZ series. 
  9. AFRO JAZZ is part of my new art series in case you were wondering.
  10. AFRO JAZZ is my attempt at contributing to the artistic narrative that #BlackLivesMatter.
  11. The hairstyles in the AFRO JAZZ series are based on natural hairstyles worn by women such as afros, "frohawks," flat twists, and headwraps.
  12. To achieve these natural hairstyles, most of the time I cut on pre-existing lines/designs on the African fabric. 
  13. To tell if a pattern or design of African textile will work for AFRO JAZZ I must be able to visualize several types of natural hairstyles.  
  14. The faces in my AFRO JAZZ series are based on actual people that I know.
  15. BUT not the first 2 AFRO JAZZ pieces which were the result of freehand cutting.
  16. The first AFRO JAZZ piece I did was titled Afro Apollo Jazz.
  17. The second AFRO JAZZ piece I did was titled Cotton Club.
  18. Both Afro Apollo Jazz and Cotton Club were done together.
  19. AFRO JAZZ was inspired by the Harlem Renaissance.
  20. The concept for AFRO JAZZ was debuted at an art and jazz event in Seattle I hosted.
  21. AFRO JAZZ was first revealed to a group of 8 women over wine and appetizers AND believe it or not, I was soooo nervous to share what I just created that I stalled for about 10 minutes!
  22. The primary female face of AFRO JAZZ is of my little sister whose nickname just happens to be Jazzy.
  23. The primary male face of AFRO JAZZ is of my little brother (who is grown) and has thee perfect shaped head in my opinion.
  24. Almost anything can be "Afro Jazzed."
  25. All authentic AFRO JAZZ pieces (with the exception of greeting cards) include a special "signature" consisting of African textile fabric and the initials "JGC" in ink. 
  26. Speaking of greeting far each greeting card is a one of a kind mini original.  In other words no dupes!
  27. I made Jazzy's face into a stamp and used it for the greeting cards.
    See what can happen when you're the face of Afro Jazz??!  Meet Jazzy, my little sister.
  28. The stamp used on the greeting cards was hand carved and the designs on the face are meant to resemble cornrows.  
  29. The first AFRO JAZZ male figure (of my brother) debuted with an "Afro Jazzed" BEARD! (See above, I'm super pumped about this if you can't tell.)
  30. Teens enrolled in TEENERGY, my social justice art camp, were the first group I ever taught the AFRO JAZZ style to.
  31. The 31st fact about AFRO JAZZ is top secret!  Just kidding!  I said that to build suspense...Now that you are on the edge of your seat, the final AMAZING FACT ABOUT AFRO JAZZ is, in 2015, an international AFRO JAZZ project is in the works.  Who knows, your side profile "selfie" could become famous or at the very least preserved in an art piece!  Now that you know all of these amazing facts, it's only right you make things official and order your own AFRO JAZZ piece today!

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