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Wednesday, September 25, 2013


If you follow me on social media you know that I am risking life and limb by typing on the very laptop that almost blew up on me last week.  But the lessons I have learned are too powerful to err on the side of caution and safety...

You know you are on the right path when the energy flows effortlessly and with ease.  You will experience the feeling of "miracle madness."  That's when every corner you turn, every email you open, every phone call you answer seems like it has been soaked in a magical miracle marinade.  Talk about coincidences and people showing up with the resources and ideas you need to move closer to goal completion!  It is so deliciously sweet!

You are on cloud nine even if what appears to be a rainy cloud of bad news or an obstacle appears.  Why?  Because the challenges that appear are only there to expand your capacity to receive and handle more of the good stuff.  It's as if the Universe says, "Hey boo, there is a challenge coming your way tomorrow at precisely 3:07pm.  I have packed all of the solutions you need in this cute little bag.  Oh and by the way, you totally get to keep the bag."

No cute bag...
My first clue that my goal was out of alignment with my path was when the tasks involved to make it a reality started to feel heavy.  Where did all the joy go?!  I had no idea but every energetic output felt forced.  The usual response and signals that let me know I was moving in the right direction had all went ghost-face on me.  They simply were not there.  I felt like I was pursuing a goal alone despite having a team in place.

I thought that maybe I just needed to go harder.  Yeah!  I would wake up super early, make a million phone calls, send a billion emails, and have one on one conversations with everybody in America and the obstacles would simply start to vanish.  This. Did. Not. Happen.

What did happen was for the first time I felt a sense of dread when I thought about the goal.  Not the kind of dread that makes you want to stay in your pajamas all day but the joy meter definitely dipped too low for comfort.  

Not to mention the amount of energetic output was incongruent with my goal.  It would be a misuse and completely inefficient of me to expend that much energy into something I had previously done successfully numerous times with a quarter of the energy.  Something was different...a plug needed to be pulled...

The lessons are just beginning to unfold.  Stay tuned for more revelations as they come.  In the meantime, tell me some of the lessons and insights you've gained from a recent experience.  How did you handle the challenges?



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