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Thursday, June 27, 2013


Introducing 31at31's Art News Edition!  I gathered some of the most interesting news in art.  Thursday always seems to be the best day for art.  I tweet art news every day (sometimes at night depending how the day is going).  Follow me on Twitter if you are into that sort of thing.  I am trying something new here.  I would like to compile the best and most interesting in art news on a weekly basis.  Tell me what you think.  This is a soft launch of sorts and a snippet of what's out there.

Before we get to the art news I have to share my observations.  One thing I noticed is that there is not enough frequent news coverage of one of my favorite art genres and that is Contemporary African Art.  If you are an artist who makes Contemporary African Art, please, please, please upload more videos, take more pictures, blog more or find other ways to document what you are doing.  

Interest in Contemporary African Artist is heating up and the art world is turning to Africa. I'm fortunate enough that I will actually be in Ghana, West Africa to see some things for myself.  When I come back I plan to stay connected through the content and media artists produce.

Enjoy the first edition ever of 31at31 Art News!  Read on and scroll down!         

The Googleheim Museum of Art

Believe it or not Google apparently is one of the best places to go to seek artistic inspiration.  Many incredible visual projects have launched thanks to the information and data giant.  Don't sleep on the short videos that were made using various Google apps like Street View.  My favorite is the video about a desk toy that digitally ventures off into the "real" world in a toy car.  Straight dopeness!  Click here for more from Yahoo News.  Watch the video below!

Artist Leandro Erlich Creates Incredible Optical Illusion in London

This video is a little disorienting at first but extremely cool.  Leandro Erlich is an artist from Argentina doing his 3D optical illusion art thing all over the world it seems.  He is definitely a top installation artist to watch.

African Art is the NEXT BIG THING!

Read what some of those in the art world had to say about art and Africa...

"[S]ome of the most dynamic and important works of art are being created in Africa." -Kerryn Greenberg, Curator

"African artists are becoming increasingly mobile and visible and exhibiting internationally."-Kerryn Greenberg, Curator

"People are much more interested in Africa commercially. The continent is seen as the next big thing, and there is an enormous amount of wealth among Africans."
-Giles Peppiatt, director of Bonhams' African Art department.

For the full article on from BBC News, Why African Art is the Next Big Thing, click here

Thank you!  That's it for today.  There is a ton of art news out there!  Be sure to search for yourself and come back and share what you have found.  Is there a particular area of art news that you have your eyes fixated?  Are you an artist with some of your own art news to share?  If so, drop me a line in the comments.  I would love to hear all about it.

Be sure to check out my latest International Public Art Project on my Indiegogo Campaign!  Click here for the good stuff!  After you watch the video, help me out by sharing the link under the video with your networks.  The more eyes that see the video and the campaign the more hearts we can reach!





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