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Tuesday, July 3, 2012


When it comes to prayer, are any of the following true for you?

*When asked to pray, your response is to say you do not know how to pray.

*You are not exactly sure what to pray for.

*You are not sure if your prayers are getting through.

*You want to know how to pray prayers that get answered IMMEDIATELY!  If even one of the above statements is true, this post is for you!  Personally, these have all been relevant for me at one point in my life.  Praying is very comfortable for me.  I just do it without any thought to, is this right??  Often times, I am praying and do not fully realize it until something big hits me like it did a few weeks back.
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There I was.  Sitting in a pool of my own well earned glow (not sweat...ladies do not sweat...we glow...).  As I laid flat on my back completely exhausted from a particularly challenging hot yoga session, an epiphany tugged on my heart and left me with one question.  Why do you pray for worldly things to a God who is NOT of this world?!

This single question was so profound to me; I did not notice the people exiting the yoga studio or that I was the only person left.  I sat there and pondered the last few prayers I'd uttered over the last couple of months.  Some of them were my standard prayers of strength and job opportunities for friends.  Others were for material things...although, I promise I did not pray for an ipad even though the thought was extremely tempting...

All of these things were clearly worldly and locked in a three dimensional reality.  I learned a long time ago that the 3D world is subject to the 4D and 4D is subject to 5D and so forth...

Our thoughts are rooted in the 4D realm.  We can't see them or touch them but they exist.     Prayers are similar but prayers are the threshold to communion with the Source.  Meditation at its highest and deepest level is where we can hear the answer or response to our prayer requests.  

When we approach prayer with requests for 3D material things, it's like speaking a foreign language.  Sure you know what language is being spoken but the content/meaning falls on deaf ears so to speak.  What we really want when we pray are miracles.  Miracles are totally 4D and require 4D language and not 3D language.

Begin to pray for things that go beyond the 3D realm.  Pray for peace of mind when you sleep with one eye opened and ears on full alert for the sound of a tow truck coming to repossess your car.

Pray for purity of thoughts if you find yourself entertaining lustful fantasies that surely would dishonor your marriage or relationship if they ever came to be.

Pray for freedom to live a rich and fulfilling life when you are so stressed out at work that even your hair starts to bail out on you.  This is especially important when you feel like you need a vacation that you simply cannot afford for financial reasons or otherwise.

Pray for opportunities to employ your gifts and talents in service to the world for real joy in your life!  Compensation will naturally follow.

Powerful prayers have their own language and it is rooted in the 4D realm.  Once mastered, your prayers will be powerful and answered INSTANTLY!

What do you pray for?  Who do you pray for?  Are your prayers answered instantly?  



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