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Monday, February 6, 2012


Day 8:  the Art of the day is silence...

The majority of this Sunday was spent luxuriating on my comfy couch, reading a book about intuition, and gulping chamomile tea from a chunky mug because I had waited too long for it to cool.

Many random thoughts floated around about the week, my assignment, what to eat for lunch and Valentine's Day.  What was at the forefront of my thoughts was this need for silence. 

My week had been filled with house parties, friends, conversation, creativity, and a general feeling of celebration of new chapters being penned in the pages of our lives.  Silence was needed to process all of these goodies, recharge my creative battery and have time with me.

It had been about two weeks since I visited the Buddhist Monastery for an all day silent meditation retreat.  I had been on a 10 day silent meditation retreat last year and I swear I felt like I came back with super powers.  There was no pressure to convert even with all of the surrounding Buddha statutes.  I just remember the deep incredible peace I felt.  There's a sort of security in silence that strikes you in the moment that's hard to explain.  Even if I could explain it, I wouldn't be allowed to without breaking the vow I took to keep my mouth shut.

I leaned over the edge of my comfy couch and I placed my book down commiting to memory my page, as I did not have a bookmark, adjusted my pillows on my couch and sat up straight as if properly greeting the silence.  It took about two minutes before the thoughts stopped swirling around and the familiar silence greeted me back.

It was just me and the silence for about two hours.  My breath became slower and more regulated.  I did not engage in meditation at all, at least not any form I had been taught previously.  I sat and envisioned myself as still as Mount Rainier.  I did not want my visualization to compete with the silence so once I felt firmly established in stillness I released the imagery.  

At the end of those two hours the silence left and was replaced with clarity.  My mind was still and crystal clear.  No more chatter.  No more random thoughts.  Just clear, pure silence.  

Do not confuse this with meditation.  Meditation is something much more and involves active receiving.  I will address this in a later entry.  What I did for those two hours was more like relaxation with the help of a strong grounding image.  Visualizing an object that embodies qualities you would like to be more like is helpful, especially when things are hectic or you just want to re-center yourself after a lot of social interactions.  Try it!  




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