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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

DAY 4: The ART of the START...

DAY 4:  At this point, I would gladly welcome writer's block...what I'm experiencing is something much bigger...much deeper from within...

I have an assignment that requires me to write a manifestation letter 21 weeks into the future.  In the letter I get to write what my internal manifestations will be in 21 weeks and what I would like to manifest externally.  A few thoughts about some business ideas have been percolating as well as having a chic luxury apartment in Downtown Seattle with a balcony overlooking Elliott Bay.

Internally is another story.  The character traits or deep personal growth is where I've been struggling the most.  Thinking about the changes I would like to make within is much easier than actually writing it down because there is absolutely no accountability!  This is perhaps what is truly blocking me.  Damn you accountability!  It couldn't be that I was afraid to manifest my desires, could it...?  I am pretty sure the manifestation part belongs to the fourth dimensional/invisible realm anyway...

Now, will the business ideas and chic apartment actually manifest in 21 weeks?  I have no idea.  Am I even required to know the answer to that?  Absolutely not!  So why do I keep giving myself extra work to do?  How often do I give myself extra things to do in other areas of my life?  I'll have to get back to that question...

How many times do these "self assignments" stop us from the task at hand?  If we could just peel back the extra layers of perfectionism, grammar, spelling, over thinking, self doubt etc., we could actually just start!

What is at stake for me in this assignment?  I've somehow convinced myself that if it's not perfect and if I forget something I am screwed.  Of course none of this is true.  As long as I believe it is, so it will be.  This just goes to show how powerful our thoughts can really be.  What was the lesson I learned yesterday?  It seems like I forgot that fast.

Enough is enough is enough.  I read somewhere that procrastination is the number one killer of success.  Where's my pen?!  I have a letter to write!



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