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Sunday, February 12, 2012

DAY 14: The ART of EXTRA

Day 14: The Art of the day was in going the extra mile.

I went the extra mile...
Attempting a new recipe for people you don't know if you love to flex your cooking skills under pressure is a good way to add a dash of extra.  

This was my Saturday.  I had been invited to a Valentine's Day Brunch to celebrate friendship over food.  The only person I knew was the hostess so I wanted to make a good impression.  What better way to do that than with some chocolate pancakes?!  

Not just any chocolate but imported organic Jamaican chocolate.  Luckily, my husband's grandmother made sure I had plenty to bring back to the States.  grated it myself.  It took a long time but the rich flavor was worth it.  Going the extra mile in the kitchen can make or break a dish unless you have hyper sensitive taste buds like me.  

The hostess went the extra mile...
It's hard enough being the only vegetarian of the bunch amongst friends.  Try being the only one amongst strangers...AWKWARD!  

But surprisingly, it was anything but.  It seems the hostess alerted the others to my veggie status and they either prepared a vegetarian friendly dish or made a remixed meatless version (peep the veggie bacon!).  Wasn't that thoughtful?  I thought so!  

A guy named Guy went the extra mile...
What took it over the edge was the one male present.  Not only did he cook for all of the women, he went the extra mile and brought us all one long stem red rose and a heart shaped box of chocolates!  This literally, made my entire day.  Remember, we talked about the importance of setting the tone for the day?  Well, chivalry is alive, ticking and kicking! I couldn't believe this man was single...(that's a story for another time ladies...)  

Between the delicious food, the beautiful rose, and the box of chocolates, I felt the budding of new friendships.  See how the ART of EXTRA makes the best impression.



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