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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

DAY 3: The ART of FLOW

DAY THREE:  The Art of the day is flow...

Five days ago, the control center of me buzzed in delight during the compilation of pre-planned days of art.  I googled.  I binged.  I did thee absolute most when it came to searching various projects involving Art.  I wanted to have a list to follow.  That would be the most efficient way of ensuring the success of my 31 Day Art Adventure, right?????

Coming from me, someone who makes a list about everything, the thought of deliberately ditching my list filled with details and drawings just did not seem right.  Who throws away a carefully crafted list?

What if I simply did not encounter anything remotely close to Art?  What if Art really was or is something that is thought up, sketched out or doodled first?  This simply could not be.  Panic.  Panic.  Panic!

I had to take it back a step.  My original intention, started out with the idea that Art is everywhere and everything.  So why Panic?  There's no need.  I began to realize I was learning the Art of Flow...

In the Bhagavad Gita, (ancient Sanskrit wisdom text), the ocean is used as a metaphor to convey how one should be still like the ocean as thoughts flood our minds.  While many rivers channel into the ocean, the ocean remains calm and steady even during the rainy season when much more water is pouring down into the ocean.  

The rivers can be thought of as our thoughts (negative or positive), circumstances, desires, etc...we can choose to be like the ocean and let it all flow into us but yet remain steady and at peace or become frustrated at life.  By allowing life to come as it may, we ourselves engage in the ART of FLOW.

In the end the list really does not matter.  Quite frankly, I don't even know where I put it.  I am glad that I am not experiencing a rainy season at the moment!  When the situation arises, I will know what to do or rather, how to be.  Will you be a calm cool ocean or a fiery hot-head?    



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